energyhelpline at Silicon Milkroundabout 2016

Silicon Milkroundabout is nearly upon us and we’ll be sending a team of developers to continue our search for top tech talent.

Silicon Milkroundabout is a great way to find out more about some companies that you’re heard about and some that you haven’t and to speak to the people who actually work for the companies represented - people who could be your new team mates!

It’s being held at Old Trumen Brewery on Brick Lane in East London (check out their site for further details and registration) on Sunday 27th November.

Register on the Silicon Milkroundabout website and then come and talk to our developers about what it’s like to work at energyhelpline. We’ll be the ones wearing the ‘I’m on 20% time’ t-shirts!

Written on November 11, 2016 by Grant McKenna